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Who we are

  • 1 Our mission

    Spread data journalism and data literacy in Kyrgyzstan. We give online and offline trainings, host events and grow a community of data-savvy specialists

  • 2 Our projects

    Data-journalism trainings in Bishkek and other regions of Kyrgyzstan. Hackaton on poverty. Monthly meetings between the local data community and public officials.

School of Data members and trainees write data-stories for:

On our website you can find:

List of instruments and databases for data journalists

New programs get released. Open data becomes outdated. Links to databases expire. On our website, we make sure your professional expertise is up to date: we provide a list of tools for data journalism and keep an up-to-date overview of public sources of data in Central Asia.

Online courses in data journalism and data literacy

On our website, you can find courses for aspiring data journalists, offered both in Russian and Kyrgyz languages. We teach how to use spreadsheet programs, create visualisations, scrape data, and how to wrap all your findings into a journalistic story.

Updates from School of Data

We offer offline trainings. We hold events on open data and data science. We invite data journalists, public officials and entrepreneurs to collaborate, and host hackatons and public talks where they can meet. What we do, we share on this website.